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The Upper Room

Posted on May 22nd, 2015.

Today I visited the Upper Room in Jerusalem. For nearly 20 years of my salvation experience the Upper Room has been synonymous with the power of the Holy Spirit.

I took the time to read The Acts of the Holy Spirit chapters 1 and 2, slowly. I was preparing to walk in to THE UPPER ROOM! I mean, who knows what could happen. I could “fall out in the Spirit” after taking two steps in to the room. Maybe I’d start speaking in tongues and shaking. Maybe I’d begin shouting to the top of my lungs worshipping God. I mean, it all started HERE, right?

None of that happened but something very significant did. As soon as I stepped in to the room I could definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and the hundreds of thousands of prayers that have been prayed in that room. I recalled reading about the obedience of 120 or so people sitting in a room waiting for the promise Jesus made to His disciples. The Holy Spirit filled everyone in the room. There is a loud noise like a rushing wind. What looked like fire or tongues appeared above the heads of those present. What happens next?

Not what I’d expect. No shouting, no one was slain in the Spirit, no one was running around the room. Quite the contrary. THEY LEFT THE ROOM! They spoke in known languages that they did not previously learn. Devout Jews who had been raised in different states and countries could all hear the Good News perfectly articulated in the language they understood.

I pray that our “Upper Room” experiences be the same. May we take what He pours IN, OUT. Jesus didn’t give us His Spirit for us to run around the room. He gave us His Spirit so that we could run out of the room! Let us proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom to every nation.



5 Responses to “The Upper Room”

  1. What a sweet aroma of the Holy Spirit’ in the upper room. Yes let’s proclaim the kingdom of God to the nations.

  2. Fantastic! I thank you for taking us all on this journey with you

  3. Hello Pastor Ross,

    Your testimony and leadership are one of the vital reasons Im in ministry today. God bless you and your entire family. My prayers are with you all. Continue listen to the voice of the Lord. Be blessed.

  4. Sir, you are already breaking down the wall of religion of what many of us grew up being taught about the upper room…and also everything we were suppose to do after we received the power other than showing signs that we received it.

  5. Pastor Tim I felt that was truly a word when you said
    God did not give us the Holy Spirit to run around the room but to run out of the room! It made me LOL with joy and a big AMEN! May the Lord bless you and your wife ministry!