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March. Shout. WIN!

Posted on February 26th, 2014.

“Now Jericho was straitly shut up…”(KJV). This is how the 6th chapter of the book of Joshua opens up for its readers. Joshua, Israel’s new leader after the death of Moses, steps in to his role with the instructions of his predecessor and a commandment from His God.

The book of Joshua could be summed up by saying, “They transitioned, they rededicated, they kicked butt.” (I wrote that, you read that, and there is nothing either of us can do about it now so let’s just finish the article together) There is always a tendency to overlook an often told story, always the assumption that there is nothing else to glean.

The Holy Spirit often speaks most powerfully through the most simple of things, and during a Spirit led revisit through these familiar chapters I was caught once again by the simplest of words: March. Shout. Win.

Imagine the scene with me: Thousands of soldiers, all recently circumcised, waiting for their general to lay out the strategic battle plan to overtake Jericho. It’s walls as impenetrable as the world’s most sophisticated bank vault. No way in. No way out. “Straitly shut up.”

Joshua may have had a very good plan on how to overtake Jericho, but He was waiting on God’s. Well, God delivered. And, well, it was ridiculous. Here’s the plan:

“Okay Josh, get 7 people from the worship team (the Priests), followed by My Presence (the Ark), and you can throw in some of your armed guards too. March around that wall for 6 days in silence, and on the 7th shout really, REALLY loud.” Really God, really? You want me to walk by faith right now? Shouldn’t I be doing something a little more focused on military stratagems? This is the biggest battle of my life! All eyes are on ME? I mean, US! This is not going to look good on my resume. This could ruin my reputation. I’m a general! A pastor! A mother! The manager! The counselor! This can’t be Your answer to THIS problem.

Yes it is! Some of our most intimidating obstacles require us to walk by faith for a longer period of time. You don’t think you are doing anything, but God is doing EVERYTHING!

I know it looks silly. I know people are hanging over the walls laughing at you. Insulting you. Mocking you. But trust God! Bite your tongue. Button up your lip. If you utter a word right now it would be disobedient. I know it hurts to walk around this problem, but it’s about God’s timing, not yours.

That’s a big deal for us sometimes. TIMING. It’s not just about what to do as much as when to do it. If the children of Israel didn’t wait for the Lord’s timing they could have spent years walking around a wall that God readily intended to come down in a day. I believe God wants to show us His glorious timing. Wait for it. Waaaaiiiiit for iiiiiiittttt…..

After 7 days of walking in circles the children of Israel are permitted to shout. Not articulate intelligently how frustrated they have been with the situation, or formally debate why this city must be burned to the ground because of a covenantal promise given generations ago. Nope. Just…SHOUT! You know that loud, obnoxious, can’t really make out what they are saying because too many people are doing it at the same time noise? That’s what they did. Not individually, but corporately. Not personally, but as a family.

Shouting can be incredibly therapeutic in the proper setting. Some walls come down when a corporate shout is lifted up. I know it sounds ridiculous, but try it. You don’t even need thousands to make this work. Two or three works just fine.

Imagine the horrified faces on the citizens of Jericho. They trusted in their wall. God trusted in His children’s walk. What they built, God broke. What they set up, God tore down. The only thing left for the kids to do was win, and win they did. They burned that city to the ground! Kill everything living. Sounds violent? It was. We have been called to do the same thing present day. Not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Against generational curses and habitual sins. Against tormenting sprits and worldly desires.

We have plenty of walls that need to come down all around us. We will not be intimidated by the density of them nor the heights they reach because in the end we simply march. Shout. Win!

4 Responses to “March. Shout. WIN!”

  1. AwesomenessB-)

  2. Just saw you on god tv preaching in australia at the Influencers conf. liked what i heard and quickly checked your website cos i did not want to forget the name !! going through a very rough patch my husband and I. He was sleeping, he is not too much into this but i simply turned on god tv to see what God ahd for me and it was you. i got to the nessage mid way so any way I can get the whole message – Paradise church 2010. And if you have a daily word sent out via email would be happy to get it. Jericho was tightly shut up – seems like a bit of my life story just now – tightly shut up. But if Jericho fell so will this!!! I believe.

  3. A word in season

  4. Bless you for this. Timely reminder on waiting…keeping shut…till He says to shout for the win